Interesting Facts About Playing American Football

Interesting Facts About Playing American FootballLearning how to play football is certainly a long process, however it’s fun as well. There a lot more to learn than meets the eye, and there’s more to learn than just understanding the rules. The best way to learn the ins and outs of the game is by playing it. Reading books and watching videos is all very good, however none of it will replace actually going out there gaining some experience. No doubt you’ll make some mistakes, but in the process you will gain feedback to ensure you progress. If you want to look at it another way, football – like many sports, tends to mirror what life is like. Anyway, let’s keep on topic and get into this excellent sport.

Anyone familiar with American football knows all about the quarterback. This position is perhaps the most widely recognized even by people who know absolutely nothing about the game. The quarterback gets the ball from the offensive center, the ball is snapped, and then the play begins. The quarterback’s job to find someone who can either run with the ball past the line of scrimmage or throw the ball downfield. The quarterback’s job to maintain the players focus and call the shots while playing.

For the offensive line, you will find wide receivers who will be far to the sides of the offensive line and close to the sidelines. Many times you can spot a wide receiver because they are built for powerful strides and have long legs.

Wide receivers not only need to be able to catch the ball, but they also need to run after they catch it. A wide receiver will also block, when there is a running play. Should another receiver successfully catch a pass, the other wide receiver will immediately try to get into position to provide support with blocking and protection.

There is something dynamic and aggressive about American football that makes it addicting to watch. What makes it exciting is that plans can change midstream throwing off both the offense and defense. Once you understand, or can at least somewhat predict what the other team is going to do, you can call the right play to counter their efforts. The blitz is usually executed by linebackers or defensive “backs” that lead the charge. If the offensive team is known for Hail Mary passes at the end of the game, the blitz will occur. The defense must use a blitz from time to time, although this makes them weak downfield which is dangerous if the quarterback is accurate. Of course there are many rules among all three levels that overlap or are the same. So, when a player transfers from one level to another it should be easier. And when you’re learning how to play the game of football you should always remember that your coach is the best way to get information.

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